After many years of trying sketching a cookery book where I could keep all my lovely recipes I finally decided to give a recipe away one at the time, not because I am protective of them, only because with a house, a family and a business to run sometimes there is not just enough time in a day to achieve everything.

Well, I should start saying that as an Italian (southern Italian, from the beautiful island of Sardinia… By the way did you know Sardinia has the highest percentage of people living to 100 or beyond?) … I have been for many years sharing my passion for cooking whenever I could. As a Mamma I would just cook for the sake of it (and the sake of my children). Unfortunately or fortunately for them I don’t believe in the MF theory (microwavable food) or the CN theory (Chicken Nuggets). Everything in my household is cooked from fresh and I’m very proud of it! Hope you will enjoy my blog and please I need to hear all of your positive and not so positive comments 😉

I am inspired by Mamma (in the picture with me ) and my Nonna 🙂

With my dishes and my stories  I would like to bring to the tables of modern families what I learned from my two heroes. Despite the constant advertising of junk food and the misconception of sugary drinks we can give our children the love, the protection and the guidance that they need to live a healthy life. I am fighting child obesity not just for my children but for other people’s children and all the future generations💕

Please can you help me  #BringNonnaBack?

Grazie di cuore

Lara xx

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