Spaghetti al Sugo Semplice (Simple Sauce)

Easy peasy…….. super quick!

One of the quickest meals ever, ideal for dinner on a school day where we become taxi drivers driving backward and forward from school to the after school clubs. Where we get home realising that we have no dinner ready…. There is just not enough time in a parent’s day and this is my saving dish, my last resort, the one that all kids love (even the other people’s kids!!!).  It takes 15 minutes to make the sauce while the pasta is cooking in boiling water.  15 “very important ” minutes of your evening……after that you can put your feet up or try to! Parola di mamma e di Nonna x

This is another #BringNonnaBack recipe! Simple, tasty, wholesome.. just like how my Nonna would do! Like many Italians she would use the tomatoes from her vegetable garden.

In Italian we say  POMODORI FRESCHI  /POH-MOH-DOH-REE  FREH-SKEE/ Fresh Tomatoes


Serving 4 people


Half of a medium white onion, finely chopped

500g of plain tomato Passata (You can find passata in any good supermarket, it’s in a carton or in a bottle)

A handful of fresh basil, roughly chopped

Olive oil, 2 tbs

Salt, a pinch

Sugar, a pinch (to lower the acidity of the tomatoes)

How to cook the perfect pasta
350gr of pasta / serving 4 people
Bring 1lt water to the boil and add a table spoon of course salt.
Put the pasta in and cook it following the time on the packet (be careful though, taste the pasta first and then drain it). Make sure your pasta is “al dente” not too hard, not too soft.


Heat a large pan, add the olive oil and the onion. Simmer the onion only for a few minutes till golden, don’t cook it for too long as it can easily burn.
Add the passata, the salt and sugar and cover with a lid.

PLAN B: if you haven’t got any passata 2 tins of chopped or plum tomatoes will do! Blend them first if possible and pour them into the oil, follow the instructions as before.

To make it even more authentic and fresh you can use fresh tomatoes, the more ripe tomatoes the better! 300g/400g is just the right amount, wash them and  simply blitz them (with the skin on). Follow the instruction as before.

Turn the heat down and let it cook for 10 minutes, stirring it every now and again.

Finally add you basil and let the sauce embrace the leaves… your sauce is ready, you can pour it on your pasta. Grate some parmesan and enjoy. Pronto!


Uova al pomodoro….simply delicious


Eggs, eggs, delicious eggs!! This is my family’s favourite “hot snack” EVER and a Mid-week Meal Savior! Why? quick, simple and delicious. I would make this for lunch as an alternative to a sandwich or wrap. You only need a non stick pan with a lid.

Serving 4


4 eggs

1 tin of chopped or plum tomatoes

2 spring onions, finely chopped or one large

basil, handful

salt, a good pinch

olive oil, 2 tbsp

a loaf of fresh bread (your favorite type)


Put the olive oil in the pan and add the spring onion and the basil, simmer on a low heat for 2 minutes. Add the tomatoes and gently stir with a spoon (if using plum tomatoes break them up with a spoon). Add the salt and cook with the lid on for 5/8 minutes. Crack the eggs open and gently place them on the tomatoes. Add some salt on the eggs and cook without the lid for 5 minutes or until your eggs are cooked but the yolk is still runny. If you like your eggs quite firm put the lid on while cooking. Serve on a plate and enjoy with some bread for dipping. Pronto!!!!!