I just cant’t believe I am actually writing about my passion for food…. Can I start from when I was LITTLE? Helping my Mum making fresh pasta because in those days it was what you would do on a Sunday afternoon….Nowadays I would make fresh pasta as a treat for my children ( on a Sunday afternoon to keep up with the tradition), as a therapeutic way to forget about homework and football training! This is how it all started….. Ravioli di Patate e Menta is the first dish I ever cooked (or co-cooked) as I thought I was actually helping my Mum making it. Apparently I was spending more time in tasting the filling and playing with that edible play dough than kneading the dough and filling the pasta. For a 9 year old  that was all that mattered at the time! Grazie Mamma, questo e’ per te xxx

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